How the prosperity gospel compromises mission

How the prosperity gospel compromises mission

Our 6th issue of Conversation (Volume 2 Issue 1) engages the recent debate in Kenya regarding the Religious Societies regulation. The issue that was claimed to have made the increased regulation necessary – “rogue preachers” – is a tricky one as it often connects with a whole theological-cultural-aspirational system. As a wise older pastor commented, even … Continue reading

The God TV Enigma – The Real Problem with God TV is not Rory’s Adultery
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The God TV Enigma – The Real Problem with God TV is not Rory’s Adultery

Great article from David Robertson, very much on the theme of the current Conversation Magazine… God TV has announced that Rory Alec has left his wife, Wendy, for another woman and has therefore stepped down as CEO and presenter. God TV are in damage control mood, ‘calm down and carry on’ is their new … Continue reading


Double danger

There are at least two dangers in extreme prosperity preaching: It leads thousands away from the Christ of the Bible to false hopes, shipwrecking faith and destroying families. It makes ‘moderate’ prosperity preaching seem fine by comparison. It defines a new low. It lowers the bar. It plays the rest of us onside.”We don’t do that … Continue reading


Sick and tired

The new issue of Conversation is all about faithful Bible preaching (and the lack of it). This is Lydia Maingi’s passionate editorial: A close look at the kind of preaching going on on national TV and one is left wondering what is happening to the church of Christ. What Bible do these ‘preachers’ subscribe to? … Continue reading