The glory is on the floor

Elizabeth Adisa blogs at Reaching the Women. She’s “passionate about women’s ministries, reaching out to women through counselling with Biblical foundations to help to bring healing and reconciliation”. She writes for Conversation Magazine on a very unexpected place to find glory…     In a society where people are hungry for and fascinated by power, fame, … Continue reading


A parenting crisis

The talks and seminars from the recent Preach the Word conference are now online on their resources page. A highlight for me was Julius Juma’s session on Christ-centred youth ministry. In particular his analysis rooting the problem in a contemporary parenting crisis was very telling. Well worth listening too. More resources on youth ministry: Fidel … Continue reading


The virtue of stability (in life, in ministry, in Christ)

We live in a culture where stability, stick-ability, consistency are not really seen as virtues but disabilities. It’s good to be flexible, agile, constantly shifting, morphing, evolving, jumping from one thing to another. Everyone offers us change – politicians, internet providers, management gurus. To stick with one thing, to be the same person yesterday, today … Continue reading