Why sing? (part 4)

Why sing? (part 4)

Here’s another great excerpt from Getrude Namapii’s research on worship: —————————————————————- The old covenant In Exodus 24:1-2 only Moses could approach the Lord at the top of the mountain, the other men were to worship from a distance. Moses had to sprinkle to blood of the covenant to the people first then he was lost … Continue reading


Why sing? (part 3)

iServe Africa alumnus Getrude Namapii wrote a very helpful research paper on Building Effective ‘Worship Teams’ and this is a really helpful section from her work (shared with permission). Music and church is inseparable in our context. Singing is evident in every church service. This could be singing songs from hymn books, singing choruses with or … Continue reading


The glory is on the floor

Elizabeth Adisa blogs at Reaching the Women. She’s “passionate about women’s ministries, reaching out to women through counselling with Biblical foundations to help to bring healing and reconciliation”. She writes for Conversation Magazine on a very unexpected place to find glory…     In a society where people are hungry for and fascinated by power, fame, … Continue reading