The Pulpit versus the Stage


In the new issue of Conversation Magazine, David Ewagata brilliantly tells the back story of the current stand-off between the Church and the Gospel Music Industry. Get hold of that copy and read his article. Great analysis and the point about lack of mentoring is especially sharp. A few other things to throw into the conversation:

  1. Bob Kauflin on What’s So Special About Singing on Sundays – nails the issue on ecclesiology with 12 excellent propositions that should be written in gold. Good balance of appreciating the part music can play in worship but also cautioning against a focus on ‘performance’ and ‘experience’.
  2. While ‘Gospel Music’ takes Christian song and turns it into performance art, its worth noticing that preaching and church ministry in general can also easily be turned into performance art. A friend recently commented that he was disturbed how a particular pastor was often talking about ‘getting known’ and ‘being noticed’ as if pastoral ministry was some kind of pop idol contest for ratings and celebrity acclaim. In preaching just as much as music we can be tempted to sell an experience rather than seeking to be clear.
  3. What actually is the gospel? This has got to be a key issue but it easily gets assumed on both sides of the debate. The battle is not simply church versus music industry or sacred versus secular or traditional versus contemporary style or even mentoring versus lack of mentoring. Both preachers and musicians need to be reminded specifically of the gospel of the Father sending his Son to take sinners for Himself through his bloody self-sacrifice. That is what we will be singing about for all eternity.



Other resources: Why Sing?

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