The Youth Ministry Issue: Out Now

Conversation Issue 7 2016 front1.jpg

From Lydia Maingi’s editorial:

What comes to mind for most people when they hear the words ‘youth ministry’ is lights, top quality sound system, activities and food… With so many things battling for the attention of young minds today many youth leaders have responded by offering alternative ‘clean’ entertainment. But the problem with the entertainment solution is:

  1. They will soon get bored with our entertainment – and then what?
  2. They are able to provide better entertainment themselves.
  3. It is not core to youth discipleship and maturity in the faith.
  4. It does nothing to save these souls that are desperately in need of the Saviour.

Nothing wrong with all the fancy stuff but what they need is to hear the gospel – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which alone atones for sin and which alone can give rescue from hell, peace with God, true joy and satisfaction.

The new issue of Conversation Magazine is out now in print across Kenya and in e-version from Lulu. 60 pages of incisive analysis, sound teaching, reflections and reviews from East Africa and beyond. Plenty to start a healthy conversation.

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