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Crazy Busy [Review]


Book review by Peter Kamau:

Crazy Busy, with just 118 pages, is intended for busy people indeed. With a sense of humor, Kevin DeYoung (senior pastor at University Reformed Church in Michigan as well as author blogger) dissects the hard topic of busyness in a way that particularly identifies with the leader and ‘busy’ people.

My attention was drawn to the three dangers of busyness which affect both physical and spiritual life (ruin our joy, rob our hearts, cover rot). DeYoung cautions us against busyness: it should not be a thing to be proud about but rather to be concerned about. The killer P’s (people-pleasing, pats on the back, poor planning, posting, perfectionism, possessions, to mention but a few) that accompany busy people should cause our stomachs to jitter.

The threats of social media:

“we are always engaged with our thumbs, but rarely engaged with our thoughts”

…it could not have been put in any better way than this!

DeYoung does not write like one who already is a victor cheering others but as a patient who understands his symptoms trying to encourage fellow patients. Crazy Busy is a book written with great humor, clarity and suspense. It is a good dosage to all ages, first to the ‘busy’ and then to the rest.  I highly recommend it to everyone who seeks to find a balance in the hustles and bustles of life.

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