State of the church?

State of the church

Harrison Mungai’s editorial for the new issue of CM:

It feels odd to be writing a page on the state of the church. It is indeed presumptuous for anyone to suggest that they may somehow have a wholesome grasp of the state of the church at any one given time. The only person in such a position is the Lord Jesus Christ who alone knows his Bride – the Church- through and through.

So where are we at as the Christian community in Kenya?

As soon as we ask this question we encounter strong headwinds. What state are we talking about – the demographics, the practices, the theologies present or the spiritual status? What parameters must we employ to ensure that both premises and conclusions are true? Even more challenging is the question of standpoint – where would anyone stand in order to take the said measurements and how would they mitigate against their own bias?

While I believe that an objective study can be undertaken to answer key questions on the state of the church [we need more data], the following is a more subjective observation.

A delusional Church – Just where are the numbers?

A Threatened Church – Battles within and without

Deception galore – Just where is the truth?

Is there Hope?

For the full article grab your copy of Conversation Magazine issue 4 today.

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