The impact of the gospel on all of life: Conversation Issue 4 out now!

Gospel in all of life


“A spiritual leader knows that all of life, down to its smallest detail, has to do with God. If we are to lead people to see and reflect God’s glory, we must think theologically about everything. We must work toward a synthesis of all things. We must probe to see how things fit together. How do war and sports and pornography and birthday celebrations and literature and space travel and disease and enterprise all hang together? How do they relate to God and his purposes?”  (John Piper, The Marks of a Spiritual Leader)

In the new issue of Conversation Magazine we want to spark more conversations about how the gospel should flow into all of life. How should the gospel of Christ crucified and risen for us change the way we interact in the workplace, how we think about truth, the church, mission, how we look at education, marriage, singleness, parenting, terrorism, all of life…

50 + pages of stimulating content, still only KES 250.

Get your copy in print or online now and join the conversation

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