Why sing? (part 7)


We were really grateful to have Chris Kiagiri with us at the last session of the ministry training course talking about the role of music and quality songs in church life. A rich feast of theology and then a very positive presentation of the good uses of good songs.

There were loads of very tweetable quotes:

Everyone is a theologian. Either a bad one or a good one.

When we say “My doctrine is Jesus” maybe we have a Jesus of our own creation.

Good theology is to win the heart.

We don’t want lifeless singing of accurate theology or fervent singing of inaccurate theology.

He has us in his hands, we never have him in ours (J.I. Packer)

If most of our songs could be sung by Hindus, Muslims or Buddhists then it’s time to find different songs.

If the instruments are louder than the singing then the instruments need to ease off. The music serves the singing.

5 hours to prayerfully consider the songs for Sunday. 5 minutes? No – 5 hours.


Download the notes: The role of music and quality songs in church life


Why sing? The series so far…

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