Latent relativism


Chris Howles teaches at Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo, blogs at Namugongo Life and has written for the Postmodernity Issue of Conversation Magazine. He detects a latent threat to the East African church:

These are difficult times indeed for Western Christians who rightly seek to proclaim that God is real, objective, universal and all encompassing. And yet, having moved in 2011 away from the UK to live in Uganda, I have been unpleasantly surprised at how prevalent relativistic views have become there also (presumably Kenya also. sadly, where the West unhelpfully goes, East Africa too often follows). It may be slightly less obvious, less obnoxious and less politicised, but it is still there, lurking, ready to devour the faith of poorly taught church-goers all over the region. Relativism lies behind multi-faith religious services, syncretism, and widespread spiritual apathy and disinterest in East Africa.

The church is under attack. This would be a good time therefore to reconnect with the beauty and wonder of Psalm 47.

You can read the rest of Chris’ article and his exposition of Psalm 47 in Conversation Magazine Issue 3.

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