A sheet thin


Newton Gatambia Kibiringi, Kenyan brother, iServe Africa alumnus, youth worker in the UK, gifted wordsmith. Here is one of his recent poems reflecting on the condition of postmodernity:

So stretched has become life’s scope
And so narrowed any honest concern
Stressed have become the natural muscles
So loud is the solemn atypical intonation
Widening is the ocean of information
A sheet thin is now our concentration

Exposure to so vast communication
Sucking life off her genuine affection
Myriads of stuff demanding consideration
Bereft of payment for details’ attention
All seeking for the instant satisfaction
No room for examination or reflection

Hit and run is our age’s obsession
Discernment no longer our intention
Burning deep our treasured foundation
Mere affirmation has become our seduction
Delving into every bandwagon of conversation
Never wary of their initiation or conclusion

This poem first appeared on Newton’s blog, Hope for the world in Jesus, where you can read more of his though-provoking rhythmic poetry. We’re grateful that Newton has written another poem on postmodernism for issue 3 of Conversation Magazine

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