Now available at Theovision


Theovision International is an excellent gospel organisation “dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa through production and distribution of scripture in audio-form.”

With the majority of the population in Africa not being able to read or write, new innovative approaches had to be developed to facilitate Bible Distribution and Evangelism. The audio Bible in mother tongue becomes the easiest way of reaching all. It is for this reason that God put in the heart of Rev. Theodore Asare (Founder and President of Theovision International) the desire to produce and promote audio-visual scripture materials for the African people in their local language. After recording the Bible, the ministry reaches out to villages, churches, schools, prisons, hospitals and other people groups with the Word of God in their indigenous languages. Our passion is fueled by the hope that access to God’s word will transform their communities, as many more people to experience the power of God. In collaboration with partner ministries, Theovision International has recorded audio Bibles in more than 270 African languages in 30 African countries.
So we’re delighted to be in partnership with Theovision as they stock Conversation Magazine and some of our other resources.
  • Do visit them at Yaya Towers (not to be confused with the Yaya shopping mall) at the intersection of Galana and Lenana Rd, Kilimani, Nairobi – and look out for Conversation Magazine.
  • Check them out on Facebook – like them
  • Learn more about their ministry on their website

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