Can you trust the Bible?

Christian apologist and music producer Reuben Kigame is the founder and Managing director of Word of Truth Ministries and Fish Media. We’re very grateful that he has written for Conversation Magazine on a critical issue…

It is both sad and surprising that Christians as well as non-Christians treat the Bible with less dignity than it deserves. Christians read newspapers, novels and publications by Christian authors and spend time on the internet with more enthusiasm than the Bible. Non-Christians know this concerning Christians, but equally detest the Bible, viewing it as myth or fable. They argue that the Bible is unscientific, unhistorical, illogical and contradictory in its assertions.

In twenty years of interviewing and employing Christians in our organization, as part of discovering the attitude that potential employees have to the Bible, I have asked each of them a common question: “Have you ever read through the entire 66 books of the Bible at least once?” Sadly, I have only found five people who have. Most Christians, clearly, do not find it important to read through the Bible. When they do, it is read selectively, a random verse here and there. The Bible is thought too difficult and mysterious to read from Genesis to Revelation. Occasionally, it is viewed like a pill you swallow when life hits you hard.

I will not concentrate on the Christian’s view of the Bible; I will confront the non-Christian’s hostility to the Bible and suggest that the world will not find any other dependable, unchanging and authoritative guide to living than the Bible.

[For the rest of this article, where Kigame tackles the four most common objections to the Bible, get Issue 2 of Conversation Magazine (only 250 KES, £2, $3.31).]

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