The glory is on the floor

Elizabeth Adisa blogs at Reaching the Women. She’s “passionate about women’s ministries, reaching out to women through counselling with Biblical foundations to help to bring healing and reconciliation”. She writes for Conversation Magazine on a very unexpected place to find glory…



glory is on the floor

In a society where people are hungry for and fascinated by power, fame, greatness and self-driven identity, making the world understand that glory is not in the huge titles and high profile is seemingly the hardest thing today.

A famous preacher once shared a sermon that left me deeply convicted to more than ever strive in the gospel ministry to be a servant. “The Glory is on the floor” was his punch line which to date has stuck in my head like the old-time Sunday school memory verses that have to date remained in my heart.

No doubt, the glory of God is on the floor. In the Gospel of John chapter 13, Jesus was having a meal with His disciples. He then got up from the meal table, wrapped a towel around His waist and with water in a basin He began to wash the disciples’ feet. Notice that He left the meal table and got down on the floor and washed their feet. The disciples definitely did not understand why and what the master was doing but Jesus knew that God would be glorified in this service and act of love for the disciples. For He hadn’t come to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45). And the glory of God is what mattered to Him (John 12:28). More even than that, Jesus himself as God the Son, was glorified in this humble service. His glory was a Cross-shaped glory (John 12:23-24).

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