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The God TV Enigma – The Real Problem with God TV is not Rory’s Adultery

Great article from David Robertson, very much on the theme of the current Conversation Magazine…


God TV has announced that Rory Alec has left his wife, Wendy, for another woman and has therefore stepped down as CEO and presenter. God TV are in damage control mood, ‘calm down and carry on’ is their new slogan. The Christian media is full of comments about adultery, marriage faithfulness, forgiveness etc. I think the problem is much deeper – here is my article I wrote on it for Christian Today. I am delighted that they have published such a ‘controversial’ article. The link is below and the full text follows afterwards. I regard this as one of the most important things I have written…it is really time for us to challenge the nonsense and blasphemy that is being done in the name of Christ.


The God TV Enigma

The news that God TV co-founder Rory Alec has been suspended from his post as presenter and head of…

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