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Praying for Vietnam


It was great to meet together again for the First Priority prayer meeting to pray for mission and revival and particularly to intercede for the 90 million souls of Vietnam.

It’s always good to have our prayers guided by the Word so it was brilliant to hear Harrison preaching for us from Nehemiah 1. I was particularly struck by the way he moved us beyond seeing the chapter simply as a procedure or recipe for prayer and revival. He took us further and deeper to see:

  1. God is the main hero – it’s all about his faithfulness to his big plan of salvation, gathering a people;
  2. The way Nehemiah is moved to a godly sorrow and the need to stop being apathetic or anaesthetised but be truly grieved by the huge gospel needs around us and around the world;
  3. That it is God who will do this, not simply human strategy, God is the one who saves, who brings revival, who drives mission, who opens eyes, and so the need for prayer expressing that complete dependence on Him.

Here is the presentation on Vietnam to read and pray through.

And perhaps the most famous bit of cinematography of Vietnam, posted on Youtube by a citizen of the country…

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