Owuor, the Bible, and contemporary prophecy


As Issue 2 of CM tackles the validity of contemporary prophecy, Lydia Maingi raises pressing questions and finds some illuminating answers…

In the recent past Kenya has seen a number of men (and some women) start up what they call ‘prophetic’ ministries. This is not surprising in a time when preaching seems to be booming ‘business’. By this I mean that so many people have now turned to preaching, with the number of applications for church registration becoming unmanageable so much so that thousands of applications are on queue at the registrar’s office. Every television channel is airing televangelists, with some even advertising discounted rates for preachers.I must pause and wonder if all this preaching and teaching is reflected in our society. Is there any transformation, morally or otherwise?

Anyway, back to my point… Years back, very few people opted to be in the ministry. In fact, those who gave their lives to serve the Lord in church ministry were scoffed at and considered as academic failures. Zoom forward to modern day Kenya and I cannot help but wonder where all these ‘apostles, bishops, prophets etc’ were all this time?

I must be careful not to get into an entirely different topic… back to my point… Do prophets still exist? And if so, what is their mandate? Do they play the same role as the biblical prophets of old did? This piece will focus particularly on the most popular prophet in Kenya, Prophet Dr. Owuor of the Repentance and Holiness movement, seeking to give a balanced view of the topic. Indeed this movement had drawn a lot of attention nationally and even internationally. I must state from the very beginning that I do not intend in any way to discredit a ‘Man of God’ but only to give a balanced view of what the Bible says about prophetic ministry.

So what is the Repentance and Holiness Movement all about? Before we look at that let us first see what the term ‘prophet’ means. ChristianAnswers.net defines prophets as “the immediate organs of God for the communication of his mind and will to men.”

Prophet Dr. David Owuor, the founder of the Repentance and Holiness Movement, is without doubt one of the most recognized modern day prophets, with his fame spreading all over the world. The reception he receives anywhere he goes says it all. He is widely travelled, spreading his message of national repentance, preparing the way for the return of Christ. His meetings are especially known to draw masses of people from all over, with signs and wonders accompanying him.The major highlight in his meetings has been the healing and miracles. Donned in his trademark white attire, the man of God appears, surrounded by other ministers, most of whom are bishops and church leaders who serve in his rallies. Masses of people from all over the country and beyond gather to see and perhaps receive healing from the man of God.

Prophet Owuor’s life is shrouded in a mystery, not to mention the controversy that his ministry has raised, with some calling him a false prophet while others believe him to be a true servant of God.

For the rest of this article get yourself a copy of Conversation Magazine Issue 2

[CM did approach Repentance and Holiness Ministry requesting an interview with Dr Owuor but were simply referred to their website and materials.]

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