Sick and tired


The new issue of Conversation is all about faithful Bible preaching (and the lack of it). This is Lydia Maingi’s passionate editorial:

A close look at the kind of preaching going on on national TV and one is left wondering what is happening to the church of Christ. What Bible do these ‘preachers’ subscribe to? Has the gospel changed with the changing times? It is indeed not only a shame to see the word of God being wrongfully handled but truly saddening to see the kind of confidence these preachers exude as they go about outrightly – dare I say it – deceiving people. Even more tragic is to see the large masses of people who are drawn to these gatherings. And so I ask, is there any hope for these? Who will help them see the lie they are made to believe? Are them completely ‘innocent’ to believe everything they are told?

In our African culture, is does not seem right to raise alarm when we hear something from the pulpit that is unbiblical. The ‘man of God’ is always right, and we must take in everything he says and ‘act upon it if we want to receive blessings (whatever form they may take…spouses, wealth etc). In many cases in this day this ‘acting upon it’ or ‘taking a step of faith’ has meant dig deep into our pockets and if what is there is not enough we are also allowed to borrow from our neighbours so that we do not miss out on the blessing. Perhaps I have painted a very grim picture, perhaps I am being too extreme. The truth of the matter is that millions of (needy) Kenyans are being deceived… in the name of the Lord…by self-proclaimed ‘men and women of God’ who are enriching themselves.

I acknowledge that there are many servants of the Lord in the country who are committed to faithfully serving the Lord and preaching the Word of Life at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. We are living in perilous times where people want the preacher to say what their itching ears want to hear, and not the whole counsel of God. And I am sick and tired. Sick and tired of all these ‘apostles’, ‘bishop’s, ‘generals’ etc. Sick and tired that I cannot bear to listen to them. And while I do not honestly expect things to get better (Matt 24:11), my heart bleeds for the millions who flock these ‘churches’ and who believe every word they receive from their pastors. And so I ask again, is there any hope? Who will help them see the lies they are made to believe?

This issue of Conversation focuses on faithful preaching, a kind of preaching that is gospel-centred, and that points to Christ and seeks to glorify God. It is my prayer that servants of God, and indeed, all believers will be challenged to remain faithful to God even as they serve Him, that they will strive to present the true gospel- Christ crucified and resurrected. We seek to applaud and encourage those that are striving to preach the Word of God faithfully and to challenge believers to be wary of false teaching. We must be vigilant and on our guard lest we receive a gospel that is not from Christ. Our main article looks at prophecy and helps us identify what true prophecy might look like so that we may not be deceived. Believers are called to not just preach the Word of God faithfully but to be faithful in all spheres of life, be it parenting or working. I do trust that the article on faithful fathering will encourage you and inspire those of you who are fathers or who aspire to be fathers. Also look out for our regular columns Dig Deeper, Conversation Health among others. Like all publications, Conversation is an organic project, one that seeks to grow and become better over time. So grab yourself a copy and let’s have a conversation!

To this end, we would love to hear from you – feedback on content, design, thoughts or ideas for publishing, news items or letters. Let us have them through the address: conversation[at]iserveafrica.org

Always in Christ, Lydia G. Maingi, Editor

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