An aspiring artist’s journey, from Kigali to Cape Town – Part one

Our friend Nancy Lambrechts, living in Rwanda and discipling ladies on the wonderful Preach the Word programme, is also a gifted artist and writer and here she gives us a wonderful introduction to a theology of art…

Somewhere in between....

The Christian, the Bible and Art

Is art something that a Christian should be occupied with? Especially a Christian living in a developing country like Rwanda, where people can’t afford to give their children coloured pens or paper to play with. Kigali has a developing art scene, in embryonic stages, but Rwanda is only 20 years post genocide; people are focused on survival, development and making a life, not the arts. In this context perhaps art is seen as something of a luxury, a frivolous and pointless occupation.

The Starling The starling

According to Francis Schaeffer, “The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” The Bible starts with an amazing blast of creativity, God spoke and creation came into being. Creativity is at the very heart of the God we serve. Have you ever stopped to consider how many different species of birds there are? The birds of…

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